XX-14 Jet Scrander

XX-14 Jet Scrander Back

XX-14 Jet Scrander

The Jet Scrander would attach to Mazinger Z's back via a white plastic belt w/yellow belt buckle. It has a different shape from Great Mazinger's Scramder Dash - as an accessory you have to screw the belt onto the backpack and clip in the wings and rudder. There's a separate antenna (missing on mine) and distinctive markings. Mine has a broken clasp in the front that prevents the belt for cinching (why I'm holding it with my hand in the images below).

The Jet Scrander is a separate vehicle in the Mazinga Z cannon that is launched separately then is met in the sky. Since Mazinger Z can already fly using jets in his feet, I believe the Jet Scrander allows him to fly faster and gives him more maneuverability?

XX-14 Jet Scrander Front

XX-14 Jet Scrander Sticker Detail

XX-14 Jet Scrander Thursters

XX-14 Jet Scrander Dissembled
XX-14 Jet Scrander on Mazinger Z Front

XX-14 Jet Scrander on Mazinger Z Back

XX-14 Jet Scrander on Mazinger Z Side
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