Mattel No. 2440 Godzilla!


[Godzilla full body shot] Although some would argue whether he is really a Shogun Warrior, the most recognizable of the entire Shogun Warriors lineup to Americans was the Godzilla provided by Mattel as the US had been inundated with Godzilla movies since the mid-50's. The US release of Godzilla was the shortest Shogun Warrior coming in at 19" while the other Shoguns were more in the 23" size; and he didn't come with any interesting projectiles or weapons. To make up for the shortcoming, Godzilla's fist fired off as a projectile! He also has a red lever protruding from the back of his head that extended a "tongue" of flames. Godzilla's arms and legs can be re-positioned, but his head was motionless (held on the body by visible screws). His feet has yellow claws screwed to their bottoms that contain wheels for scooting the King of Monsters across the floor (no shag carpet, please).

Mattel Godzilla Boxed

Mattel Godzilla Boxed Interior

Mattel Godzilla Boxed Head Insert

Mattel Godzilla Bumpy Tail

Mattel Godzilla Boxed Printers Codes

Mattel Godzilla Instructions

Mattel Godzilla Loose

Mattel Godzilla Lever

Mattel Godzilla Shooting Fist

There were at least three releases of the Shogun Warrior Godzilla:

Godzilla First US Release

The first release was made with a much lighter and brighter green plastic, was painted (the eyes and mouth) very brightly, and had weights in the bottom of its legs. The yellow plastic claw/foot bottoms has a reinforced ring that inserts into holes in Godzilla's legs (the weights reside in these inserts). Also, the tail has a tab that slips into a slot, presumably so it would line-up correctly to the body but at some point removed (I would think that this could cause the tail to crack if forced in an improper position). The head has hardly visible plugs hiding screws (to hold the two halves together) which were later simply glued to simplify the manufacturing process, I believe.

Godzilla Second US Release

The second release was made from a darker green plastic and had no weights in its legs. The face paint was less garish and more subdued.

Mattel Godzilla 2nd (left) and 1st (right) Box Variations

Mattel Godzilla 1st (left) and 2nd (right) Fist and Tail Variations

Mattel Godzilla 2nd Release Head

Mattel Godzilla 2nd (left) and 1st (right) Box Variations

Mattel Godzilla 1st Release Head

Comparison of Popy Jumbosaurus, Mattel Godzilla and Mattel Godzilla Gang figures

Godzilla Third US Release

The third release was almost identical to the second, but Mattel got smart and reinforced the red lever after customer complaints of its snapping off.

There are also two variations of the tail, the earliest seems to be the tail with no fins and the later figures gained the fins (not that they're much more than what's on the Mattel Godzilla's back).

As a note, the Japanese release of Shogun Godzilla (produced by Popy as the Jumbosaurus Godzilla) had a speaker in its chest, with a pull string so you can make Godzilla bark!

There were slight changes made to the box of second and third release Godzilla, indicated by the printer's code: R6493> P643>9858 printed on the front (I'm not quite sure of the difference between box variations - they don't seem to be any different except for the codes). The box reads:
  • He rolls on wheels!
  • Tongue flashes pretend "flame"!
  • Claw can be launched No Batteries! No Electricity!

    CONTENTS: GODZILLA™ figure 19 1/2" tall, wheels on his feet, flashing tongue with pretend "flame" and claw that can be launched! Tail requires ASSEMBLY. Claw not for use with all SHOGUN© Warriors.

    Distributed by Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne, CA 90520. MADE IN JAPAN. Manufactured by Bandai Co. Ltd.
Mattel Godzilla Box Side 1

Mattel Godzilla Box Side 2

Mattel Godzilla Box Ends (note that one end is printed upside-down)

Mattel Godzilla Box Side Detail

Mattel Godzilla Box Side Text Detail

Frequently Found Toe Cracks

Frequently Found Toe Cracks

Nail Bits with Wheels and Screws

Tongue Mechanism

Removable Bits

Ready for Shipment

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