Other Jumbo Machinders

Giant Robo

Other Jumbo Machinder Manufacturers

I created this page to list any new manufacturers who are just getting into the market - as they grow the line they'll be moved to their own pages.

Marmit - this is one of the larger independent toy manufacturers in Japan - to date they've only released one figure that's commonly collected by jumbo machinder enthusiasts - this is Giant Robo (called Johnny Sokko's Giant Robot in the US)

Giant Robo

Mandrake - this is a newer entry into the jumbo machinder market. Mandrake is a manga and anime dealer who has about a dozen retail locations across Japan. Mandrake produced the Kikaiju Gelbros J3 from episode 32 of Mazinger Z.

Gelbros J3

Emanium Enterprises - this is a small US company that made two custom jumbo machinders.

Aphrodite A

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