Monday, May 22, 2017

Mid-May Updates - Shogun Warriors Kits and Coloring Book

I had some time this morning for a few more updates, including detailed images of the first release Monogram kits:

Monogram Catalog Page

I also posted a few images from the Whitman Shogun Warriors Coloring Book.

-- John

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shogun Warriors Updates - Dragun and the 79 Mattel Catalog

Mattel Shogun Warriors Dragun - 3 Variations

I'm really buried at work so I've only had a chance to update one page and to create a new page:

  • Mattel Dragun - new images of the three Dragun figures and two Dragun box variations.
  • 79 Mattel Catalog - Details and photos from the third year catalog featuring the Shogun Warriors!
Hope you enjoy them - I plan on breaking out the Shogun Models into separate pages with better details and multiple images next.

-- John