New Bandai Release of Mazinger Z for 2024!

It appears that Bandai plans to do a special 50th Anniversary edition of the Popy/U5 Mazinger Z. This was spotted on the TagHobby website.

Some interesting details, from the two underarm buttons it looks like either/both fists will fire and that the figure will include XX-3 Rapid Firing 6-Shot Missile (pair). From the looks of the figure it appears to be the real deal!

Text from the TagHobby site:

奇跡之復刻!! BANDAI 2024年8月發售:大膠 無敵之王者 Jumbo Machinder 鐵甲萬能俠(MAZINGER) 18,000Yen

無敵の王者 ジャンボマシンダー マジンガーZ








Miraculous Reprint!! BANDAI August 2024 release: Daigoku Invincible Champion Jumbo Machinder MAZINGER 18,000Yen

jumbo machinder
Invincible Champion Jumbo Machinder Mazinger Z

The invincible champion "Jumbo Machinder" is back!

The giant robot item “Jumbo Machinder” that was all the rage in the 1970s will make a big comeback in 2024! The style and coloring from that time remain the same, and new gimmicks such as rocket punch injection are also installed. That "secret new weapon" is also set and ready to go!

The "Jumbo Machineder", which took the world by storm with its impressive size of approximately 600mm in total height, is back! Reproduce the appearance, size, material, and weight of the 70's! Newly equipped with punch and missile ejection gimmicks that increase play value!

Overall height
Approximately 600mm

Made of PP, PVC, ABS

set content
・Rocket punch left and right
・Rapid-fire triple missile launcher x 2
・Hover Pilder
・Missile x 20

At the current exchange rate, 18,000Yen comes out to $126.45 - super cheap! Of course this price will probably change plus you'll need to factor in the cost of shipping and reseller overhead. Looking forward to it!

-- John

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Bourno said...

This should be super cool for when pre-ordering happens. If could be a one-off for the anniversary or lead to more releases.