Monday, June 27, 2016

Updates and New Ben Cooper Mask

For the first page to update with better quality photos I've redone the Ben Cooper Halloween Costume and separated it into its own page. I've also created a new page for the Ben Cooper Halloween Adult Mask. New pages here:

More to come!

-- John

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Links Page

I had time today to add a new Links page to the Misc top-level menu:

If you have a page of related toys or manufacture reproduction parts or new figures, let me know and I'll place a link on the page for you.

-- John

Updates and Page Clean-up

I managed to do a few updates and clean up some of the moved pages. Mostly I've been scrubbing out all the style sheets that no longer apply and removing tables where they are no longer needed in the HTML. I've also added some content here-and-there (mainly to the Rodan and Gaiking pages).

Pages edited so far:
I've also moved a page I missed during the initial migration: Jumbo Missiles which is now a new menu item from the Jumbo Machinder menu.

Back when I created the original site we were all still struggling with crappy 28.8 modems (dark ages, right?) so I tried to keep the images light-weight via compression and size, with links to larger images. Now that most are on high-bandwidth connections I'm thinking of reshooting fresh images of my collection with details of boxes, etc. Thoughts on this? I'm thinking of featuring one item a week until I have everything redone. 

Comments? Please do!

-- John

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Shogun Ads and TV Commercials Page

One of the things about collecting for a very long time is that I have this backlog of items that I've been wanting to add to the site. Now that it's much simpler to add pages and articles, I'll mix in updates to existing pages with new stuff - this is the first new page that I'm calling "Advertisements"

It's under the Misc topic in the main menu and I've uploaded a couple of newspaper ads that I've found in my web searches. I've also linked to the many Shogun and Popy videos available on YouTube (most by longtime Anime and Jumbo friend, Brad Walker - no telling how he found these). Much thanks to Brad, by the way - I didn't ask him if I could link to these but he's contributed to the site in the past so I'm going out on a limb thinking that he won't mind.

Some of the things you'll find in those videos: a strap on Dragun's Star Shooter (first Shogun video); several videos featuring the XX accessories; and some amazing footage of the Jumbro Daiku Maryu and Grendizer Spacer!

-- John

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Moving Links and Updating Pages

I've moved all the Shogun Warriors content from to - the new home. I'm thinking of leaving the existing images "live" at Wildtoys for now - as long as I have that domain I don't think that should be an issue. I've reordered a few things in this new incarnation:

  1. New top-level navigational links - I've simplified things a bit by retaining some of the same landing pages but breaking up the content into individual sub-link menus. I've also removed "Shogun Fists" from the top-level menu and into a sub-menu for Jumbo Machinders. Along the way I also removed the Mazinga v3 (Great Mazinga) into its own Jumbo Machinder page. I think that makes more sense.
  2. There's a new "Misc" link where I've broken up the page that used to be my catch-all into separate categories for Jigsaw Puzzles, Model Kits, Catalog Ads and Miscellaneous Items.
  3. I've moved the old "What's New" to the new domain and updated the links.
  4. I've changed the referrer from the main menu to point to this domain for Shogun Warriors - I've tried to capture all the other links that pointed inward to wildtoys and redirected them here - it will take time for everything to propagate.
  5. I've tried to clean up pages - especially the misspelled words (hard to believe I wrote that stuff 18 years ago!) - I guess I just didn't care too much back then but now I do. If you see anything misspelled let me know
  6. New content coming soon!

-- John

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I've decided to start pulling elements out of my website and hosting them using blog format. This is for the simplicity of using a CMS instead of hand coding pages (when I first started Wildtoys every page was hand coded and I continued that practice - now it's simply no longer necessary or practical). The idea is to reform the Shogun Warriors section of Wildtoys and begin hosting using something easier. This is the first post.

-- John Eaton