Popy Getter Robo 2

Popy Getta 2 - Front

Popy Getta 2

Getter Robo was the brainchild of Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa and introduced the concept of vehicles that could combine to form a giant robot. Each vehicle had a separate human pilot and depending on the configuration would produce a different giant robot. Getter Robo 2 is the Jaguar concept designed for ground combat.

Popy Getta 2 - Back

As you can see, my Getta 2 is a bit worse for wear with cracks in the "cape" and a missing corner in the back. I'm still very glad to own him. As with the other Getta toys, the buttons above the waist allow the top and bottom to be disconnected so the parts could be intermingled with Getta 1 and Getta 3.

Popy Getta 2 - Chest Detail

Popy Getta 2 - Waist Detail

Popy Getta 2 - Claw Detail

Popy Getta 2 - Leg Detail

Popy Getta 2 - Head Back Detail

Popy Getta 2 - Back Detail

Popy Getta 2 - Feet Detail
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