Shima x Dragon Boy x Bear Model

Dragon Boy x Bear Model

Dragon Boy Rokuron Q9 Box Front
Shima x Dragon Boy (x Bear Model) is a relative newcomer to the Jumbo Machinder market - I'm not exactly sure what their story is but someone told me that they thought the toys were being produced by the same company producing JMs for Mandarake. Bear Model has a website and possibly a Japanese retail location? In any case, I dig the retro boxes but the size is more in the 20" range so larger than the original  Popy, more in line with the U5 Garada K5.

I believe there are only two toys offered but in several variations (color and plastic):
  • Doublas M2
    • Green-plastic unpainted "Prototype" 
    • Painted (purple, blue, silver)
    • Painted (metallic green)
    • Painted (purple, green, silver)
    • Painted (purple, silver)
    • Painted (blue, silver)
    • Black (Bear Model & Toyful Collaboration - black with silver and gold accents) x/20
  • Rokuron Q9
  • Mechasaurus Doba (from Getta Robo)
  • Garada K7
    • White with black sickles "Prototype"
    • Cream with white sickles "Prototype"
    • Green-plastic unpainted "Prototype"
    • 70s Color Ver cream-plastic Painted (unpainted hands) x/70
    • Limited Painted (silver hands)
    • 2021 GID Glow ver x/80
    • 2022 Gray (Black & White) 
  • Green Ghost C3
    • Solid color "Prototype" x/20
    • Popy color x/80

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