New Tetsujin 28

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Front

Popy New Tetsujin 28

Popy released a jumbo machinder Tetsujin 28 in 1981 - this was the "new" design that took 28 away from the pot-bellied version into a newer, slimmer robot from the anime series New Tetsujin 28-Go. This Popy version is unusual for two reasons: first, it does not come with wheels on the feet (not sure why they left them off) and second, the figure came with accessory fists, including a firing fist that could be fitted on either elbow (both fists have plungers) or a missile firing first. Of course my loose example lacks both of those - also mine has reproduction stickers and thrusters (the rockets on the back can be slid off-and-on for additional play factor). There are two-missile banks on each calf.

In general the figure is a bit plain molded all in dark blue (much like Giant Gorg). I do like the classic T28 mohawk.

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Side

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Back

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Other Side

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Back Detail

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Back of the Head

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Chest Detail

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Head Side

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Elbow Sockets

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Fist Plungers

Popy New Tetsujin 28 Missile Bank
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