Popy Gaiking Deluxe

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Box Front

Popy Gaiking Deluxe

Popy provided the first version of Gaiking as part of its "Deluxe" configuration - basically providing some extras that weren't included in the regular series. For Gaiking, those extras are the removable head and arms - you could then replace the arms with an included set of horns to make the figure more of the Daikumaryu configuration (the "face" of the Space Dragon). Other interesting features are the tilt-up face (there's rocket storage for three missiles unlike the crappy Mattel version which included missile banks on the shoulders); each "eye" has a missile firing option but unlike the Mattel version they have the extension "handles" to activate; the shin guards can be popped off the legs and used as "counter-cross" weapons and finally, this Gaiking comes with wings, as is appropriate (I'm thinking these were left of the Mattel version both for costs and so a kid could reach the firing mechanism on the back, borrowed from the Popy Dangard Ace).

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Box Contents

Popy Gaiking Deluxe with insert

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Figure Front

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Figure Back

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Missile Storage

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Back Detail

The box is very colorful and one of my favorites - I wish mine were in a bit better condition but I'm very happy to have this example regardless.

Note that Uni-Five issued a very good copy of this JM before going defunct as the fourth in its series  - the box is very different (a bit ugly in comparison to the nice artwork on the Popy version featuring a photo of the toy) and the figure less so - the things to look for in the U5 are the bigger, ribbed wheels under the feet and the Uni-Five copyright on the back. The figure is slightly shorter than the Popy and some of the yellow colors are molded in lighter plastic - also the arms attach opposite (in the Popy you slot them in from the front, in the U5 from the back) - otherwise they are nearly identical.

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Comparison to U5

Popy Gaiking Deluxe Comparison to U5 Back

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