Popy Scramble Dash

The Scramble Dash was a Great Mazinger accessory sold separately that would allow wings to be affixed to the back of Great Mazinger via a waist clip. The wings and fin attach to a small backpack. Unlike the Jet Scrander, which was a separate vehicle that would join-up with Mazinger Z, the Scramble Dash was incorporated into Great Mazinger's design - the wings and fin would project from his back to allow him to fly greater distances and with more maneuverability.

Thematically Great Mazinger is more of a Jet-age construct while Mazinger Z is a bit more primitive. I guess that makes sense as Great Mazinger was designed to replace Mazinger Z, just like Mazinkaiser in turn replaces Great Mazinger with more size, strength and firepower.

 Scramble Dash Comparison

When Unifive released their copy of the Popy Great Mazinger, they included a Scramble Dash - it's made a bit differently, with the wing molded to the jet-pack as one piece. This in turn was professionally knocked-off and is the most common version of the Scramble Dash - it's virtually impossible to tell the difference between the U5 and knock-off versions. Here are some images comparing the later to the original Scramble Dash. Note that the red plastic if a bit lighter in hue, a bit pinker, than the original Popy. The KO is on the leftin these comparison images.

The Knock-off is on tope in these two images:

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