Popy XX-7 Dynamite Charger

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Contents

NO. 1000 XX-7 Dynamite Charger

A car garage on an arm...why? Who knows? It comes with the car shown. The arm telescopes down to the floor. A plunger is located to the rear of the garage and fires out the car when pulled and released.  I like this one less than the Tonka jeep that comes with the Magnetic Arm - but it does have a useful "shooting" action. The plastic car doesn't travel very far - better if they had added spikes or something that could do damage...

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Front

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Front (Illuminated window)

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Sides

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Back

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Ends


XX-7 Dynamite Charger Sticker and Instructions

XX-7 Dynamite Charger Box Contents

This is also the first of the two window boxes - not sure if there's a solid-boxed version, if there is I've never seen one. I'm also not sure why Popy chose to go with a window box with this and the XX-8 Sled Streamer. It's a mystery.

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