XX-8 Sled-Streamer

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Box Contents

XX-8 Sled-Streamer

This arm fires small plastic balls, 2 each in red, yellow and blue or in my boxed example, 3 each in red and yellow. Each ball has a piece of multi-colored yarn attached to it via plastic eyelet. The barrel holds three balls at a time and fires them "scatter" shotgun style! What they represent I don't know, but the arm doubles as a shotgun-pistol for a young kid!

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Box Front

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Box Sides

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Box Ends

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Box Back

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Sticker

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Box Contents

XX-8 Sled-Streamer Ammo

As with the XX-7 Dynamite Charger, the Sled Streamer comes to you in a window box. To date I haven't seen a solid box so I'm not sure if one exists.

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