Jumbo Replacement Stickers

Original Tetsujin 28 Sticker Sheet
I've had a few people ask me about replacement stickers so I thought I would cover those. All Shogun Warrior toys came with the stickers pre-applied. Some of the Popy (and other Japanese-produced) Jumbo Machinders came with some stickers applied and sometimes with a sticker sheet of additional stickers, like the T28 sheet at the top of this page. Back in the day there were a group of files that were freely shared by collectors on the MachinderShop Yahoo group so you could dress-up your Shoguns or Popy toys with varying results. If you can find a set of those (and no, I don't have them) you could simply print out the images at 100% on a color printer (preferably on a "sticker sheet"), cut them out and apply them. Your experience will vary, mostly due to the quality of your printer and your ability to apply the new stickers over the old or where they are missing. There are some down-sides to this method though. First, stickers that were originally printed on metallic backgrounds don't look quite right. Second, if your printer is crappy, you'll often end up with pixelated images that look crappy. At some point, the images were improved (the first to appear had low-res bitmap files or JPGs that appeared a bit pixelated) most if not all of them were redrawn at some point using a vector program like Freehand or Illustrator - if you have those programs you will want to look for the vector files as the output is the best and they can be resized. Your best bet if you don't have a decent printer or the software is to just buy what you need and fortunately there are a few sources.

For the most part, those selling replacement stickers are color matching very closely to the original stickers - also the materials are better, often printed n vinyl that has a bit of gloss rather than on matte paper. Even the grays used for silver-metallic looks pretty decent once it's glossed-up a bit.

Shogun Redone
These are some mighty fine stickers and is one of the first to produce them that I can remember - Will sells from a Shogun Redone Facebook page.

Isidro is local to me in Atlanta and I've done a bit of trading with him, as well as fixing up some stickers that needed some adjustment. Great guy, he sells primarily on eBay but you can contact him directly on Facebook. His printed output is top-notch and he can provide metallics or gloss stickers when requested.

Kitser is the old username for Hong Kong native Yim Shyh Jye on the Robot-Japan boards, who has created various sticker sets, primarily for Popy and other Japanese releases. The quality is quite good (I ordered a set of Ultraman Taro stickers from him) - he also has access to some rare Popy reproduction parts. Find him on forums or on Facebook.

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