Dragon Boy Garada K7


Dragon Boy Garada K7 Front
Dragon Boy made Garada K7 available in 2021 with it finally shipping in 2022 (the Pandemic delayed this one quite a bit). There are at least 4 versions that I've seen with this, the "Silver Fist" version being the most difficult of the painted versions produced (there's also an unpainted "prototype" with very low numbers) - the Silver Painted hands came at a premium price, otherwise I believe all versions share the same box.

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Box Front

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Box Back

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Box Side1

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Box Side2

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Box Contents

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Box Bagged Figure

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Head Detail

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Back

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Head Detail 2

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Feet Copyrights

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Articulation Pose

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Painted Fists

Dragon Boy Garada K7 Included Paper

Compared to the Uni-Five version this is much  more accurate to those examples of original Popy Garada K7's that have surfaced, only larger (the original Popy are only about 20" tall). The main difference is in the way the sickles attach as a ring clipping over a button on the back of the head. Note that Dragon Boy originally intended to make this figure functional with a chest firing mechanism then decided to offer it as an add-on. To date I haven't seen the firing mechanism made available so I'm unsure if it's still planned to be released.

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Darth-Kriss said...

Would you believe that they realized the silver painted hands for my own suggestion? LOL....

Jerry San said...

As far as I know, the silver hands was a very exclusive private order for one of their retailers. Only 10 pieces were done with silver hands.