Shima x Dragon Boy Mechasaurus Doba

Mechasaurus Doba Front
In an unusual move, Shima X Dragon Boy released Mechasaurus Doba, a kikaju from the Getter Robo Manga - most figures are spawned from Anime but as far as I know Doba did not appear in the Getter Robo anime universe? In any case, Dragon Boy released this figure in a very rare and very limited number, just 40 Dobas with this color combination exist.

This figure has an unusual number of articulation points - 17! - starting at the top, both serpents can twist in the head, which can also twist at the next joint to the body. The body can be twisted at the waist, both arms can be spun in the shoulders as can the hands. Both legs can be twisted as can the feet. This is a very well made jumbo machinder!

Mechasaurus Doba Box Front

Mechasaurus Doba Box Back

Mechasaurus Doba Box Side1

Mechasaurus Doba Box Side2

Mechasaurus Doba Box Contents

Mechasaurus Doba Front

Mechasaurus Doba Head Detail

Mechasaurus Doba Back

Mechasaurus Doba Head Articulation

Mechasaurus Doba Articulation Test

Mechasaurus Doba Feet Copyright

Mechasaurus Doba Insert

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