Custom Combattler V Marvel Comics Colors


This is one of a handful of Custom Jumbo Machinder creations made by Carlitos Ramirez of Puerto Rico. Carlitos is a long time fan of Japanese Culture Anime, Tokusatsu and of course the related toys including the Jumbo Machinder.

 I was able to talk Carlitos into 3D printing this Custom Combattler V, molded in Marvel Comics colors, mostly Red, Blue and White as opposed to black, blue, white and red done by the original Popy. I was inspired by the custom molded Dangard Ace that Wes Bourn offered a few years ago (unfortunately I found out about this custom too late to get in on it - it was offered in very limited quantities).

This Combattler V is a fair copy of the Popy Jumbo, however there are a few fitment issues (the main one is that the hole for the fist is larger than the fists provided). Also, while I asked for it to be printed in color the bottoms of the legs and feet are spray-painted - I didn't find that out until it shipped. Another issue - the axles for the feet wheels appear to be made from weak cocktail straws - they broke almost immediately and had to be replaced with metal rods. The backs open for the "truck" just like the original, although mine didn't come with one. Another difference is that the fist doesn't fire and it didn't come with the large clamping fist accessory. It's shown here without stickers, however it did come with some uncoated, color printed ones.

In all it's not a terrible recreation once you get the fists glued on so they don't fall off. The only real issue is that the ankles don't lock so it wants to fall forward.

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