Popy Getter Robo 3

Popy Getta 3 Figure Front

Popy Getter Robo 3

Getter Robo was the brainchild of Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa and introduced the concept of vehicles that could combine to form a giant robot. Each vehicle had a separate human pilot and depending on the configuration would produce a different giant robot. Getter Robo 3 is the Bear concept designed for marine combat.
Popy Getta 3 Figure Top

Popy Getta 3 Figure Back

Popy Getta 3 Figure Side Right

Popy Getta 3 Figure Side Left

I'm not quite sure why this Popy Jumbo Machinder is so difficult to find - it may have originally cost a bit more or perhaps by the time the 3rd robot was released much of the desire to have all three had diminished. In any case, this is considered one of the rarest Popy Jumbo Machinders to acquire and thus commands quite a premium price in the aftermarket.

Popy Getta 3 Figure Bottom

Popy Getta 3 Figure Inside the Tank

Popy Getta 3 Figure Belly

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