Popy UFO Grendizer

Popy UFO Grendizer

Another Go Nagai creation, the Popy Grendizer exemplifies what it means to be a giant robot, a jumbo machinder and an awesome toy. Grendizer has a shooting right fist (with an integrated shooter, rather than one of those press-on accessories) and his fists can hold the shoulder sickles (called harkens) either one in each fist or extending from either end for one double-ended weapon. This was long before Darth Maul did something similar with the light saber! Grendizer has missile banks on each leg and shoulder and note the size and roundness of the feet. The really amazing feature, however, was the tilting head - that's so the figure could fit into the Spazer (Jumbo-sized Solar Saucer!).

Two different examples - one minty boxed and one loose and a bit defective.

Popy Grendizer Front
Popy Grendizer Head
Popy Grendizer Firing Fist

Popy Grendizer Back Copyright

Popy Grendizer Back

Popy Grendizer Box Front

Popy Grendizer Box Side1

Popy Grendizer Box Side 2
Popy Grendizer Box Contents

Popy Grendizer Box Contents 2

Popy Grendizer Box Inserts

OK, so my original loose example is pretty ratty - the cuffs are melted, and I guess will remain like this until I can get some replacements. He's also a bit scuffed, but hey how could you have this guy and NOT play with him?

Popy Grendizer Side
Popy Grendizer Back

Popy Grendizer Side
Popy Grendizer Head Detail
Popy Grendizer Head Detail 2
Popy Grendizer Neck Detail
Popy Grendizer Torso
Popy Grendizer  Waist Detail
Popy Grendizer Cuff Detail
Popy Grendizer Shooter Detail
Popy Grendizer  Knees Detail
Popy Grendizer Foot Detail

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