Peru Dangard Ace


I don't know too much about these other than they were made in Peru sometime in the late 70's or early 80's - someone once commented that they were still being made?

If you look closely you'll find that they are a knock-off of the Popy Danguard Ace originally released in 1977 - I suspect that these were cast from an actual Popy sample only simplified - the arms lack the bent elbow articulation and the legs are simpler - also the chest doesn't have a door covering the Popy rocket mechanism. Finally, the helmet is molded onto the head instead of made as a separate part. To make up for the lack of chin guards and the missile firing feature, each fist has a hold between the two middle knuckles where a plunger-type missile (like those that used to come with plastic guns) could be fired. Looks like two missiles (one for each fist) was provided and where Danguard's wings will attach to the back, holes have been made so the missile could be stored when not in use.

It's my understanding that these are the three color variations - body/head combo in yellow, white or red with limbs in blue. My red and yellow examples show the metallic stickers while my white example is missing of of his. For size comparison, these are about 2 inches shorter than the Popy Danguard Acc, mostly due to the legs.

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