Bandai Jumbo Dino Stegazord

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Box Front

Bandai Jumbo Dino Stegazord

This release was one of two JMs as part of the Power Rangers DinoThunder line (the other was Jumbo Thundersaurus Megazord). For some reason I didn't purchase this figure new - likely the reviews were substandard and I deferred. Recently I decided to complete the Bandai Creations line and found that this figure sells for quite a bit at auction - I'm not quite sure why. It does have some interesting real-firing missiles - the claws on either sides of the hips fire - not that they go more than a few inches, but it's nice to see a working mechanism again. I haven't watched the show but I'm assuming that this is a Stegasaurus that transforms into a giant-robo.

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Box Back

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Figure Front

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Figure Back

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Figure Shooting Claws

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Figure Copyright

Jumbo Dino Stegazord Figure Instructions

I purchased this at a local show assembled but apparently unplayed-with. It included the box, inserts, instructions and bags so I'm not complaining. One thing about these that I hadn't realized - once you take them apart they won't fit back into the box - for this figure you add the head, tail and the handle on the back. You can gently pry the head and tal off the hard plastic (the body is hard plastic while the limbs are a softer blow-molded vinyl) but the handle can only be safely removed by unscrewing the body and releasing the clips from the inside. Be careful of the screws and the clips that hold in the arms. The arms have an interesting hold/release mechanism on the inside of the body that allow them to be positioned so they stay - I think this is an engineering improvement over the original Popy JMs which used friction/tension.

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