Mattel #2622 U-Combine Battle Tank

U-Combine Battle Tank Box Front

For info on Combatra's origin as Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V, see this page dedicated to this great combiner robo!
The U-Combine Battle Tank was part of the Shogun Combatra Vehicle set of 5 vehicles - Battle Tank was No. 3 and made up the torso and back of the Combatra when assembled with the other four vehicles to form the completed giant robot.
U-Combine Battle Tank Box Back
U-Combine Battle Tank Box Side 1
U-Combine Battle Tank Box Side 2
U-Combine Battle Tank Box Ends
U-Combine Battle Tank Box Contents
As with the other vehicles that make up Combatra, the Battle Tank came in a small chip-box with a styrofoam insert and a chromed accessory engine piece that clipped into the back as well as red claws that fit in the front. Yellow shooters on on the top could rotate and would fire small white conical rockets. The red claws retract and are hidden when not in use.

U-Combine Battle Tank
U-Combine Battle Tank Bottom
U-Combine Battle Tank Claws
Combatra's torso has a sticker that shows from the bottom - also the tread housings each of a chromed sticker with the Popy logo and Combattler-V in Japanese. Note the treads - they are frequently dry-rotted or missing from examples I've seen.

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