Raideen the Brave

Popy Raideen the Brave

This was the first Popy-issued jumbo machinder I ever bought - it was offered to me by a toy dealer in Atlanta. I had heard about it through a friend and then it was offered up - this one came with only one delta wing and an original Japanese warranty card. Also included is the original insert which is different from those used in the US Shogun Warriors release.

Popy Raideen Box

Popy Raideen Box Insides

As you can see, this Raideen comes with the original bow fist. There are also a few other variations from the US release - the figure is slightly shorter than most you see - not only are the wheels attached directly to the feet, but the legs appear shorter. The shield fist also only has two rivets rather than three holding it together.

Popy Raideen Front

Popy Raideen Back

Popy Raideen Side

Popy Raideen Head Detail

Popy Raideen Bow Fist Detail

Popy Raideen Bow Fist Detail

Popy Raideen Shield Fist Detail

Popy Raideen Bow Wheels

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