Unifive Jumbo Machinders

Unifive was an independent Japanese toy company until it was acquired by Bandai in 2001. Later it became a subsidiary of Banpresto unto 2006 when it ceased production. In 2000 Unifive made a handful of jumbo machinders including three re-releases and a newly minted Garada K7 in three different versions - they also produced some JM accessories (not sure of the total count) but they followed the XX designation only with U5-Letter.

Jumbo Machinders:


  • U5-A Rocket Punch
  • U5-B Photon Flamethrower
  • U5-C Rapid-Firing 6-Shot Missile
  • U5-D Lightspeed Discs of Destruction
  • U5-E Mysterious Magnetic Arm
  • U5-F Megaton Crain
  • U5-Z Jet Scrander
I believe only U5-A, U5-C and U5-Z were actually produced?

When the U5 JMs first came out I was hesitant to purchase - they retailed for more than what the typical Shogun Warrior was selling for. However, they ended up being sale priced from Capitol City Comics (a comic book distributor) so I manage to purchase them all, in somewhat beat up boxes, for much less than retail. I didn't buy any of the accessories because they were retailing for much more than what the XX and ZZ accessories were selling for on eBay - I now wish I had picked them up.

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