Custom Albegas

Albegas Front
This really fantastic Albegas Jumbo Machinder was made by John Olson of Minot North Dakota. John is a long time fan of Japanese Culture Anime, Tokusatsu and of course the related toys including the Jumbo Machinder.

The figure is based on K├Ásoku Denjin Albegas an anime series that aired from 1983 to 1984 in Japan, Latin America, Spain and Italy. There were 45 episodes aired at 25 minutes each.

From Wikipedia: "Three talented students of a technical high school, Daisaku, Tetsuya, and Hotaru, create award-winning robots as part of a school competition. At this time, the evil Derinja race that plans control of all space extends its ambitions to Earth. To combat this threat, Hotaru's father, Professor Mizuki, takes the three robots and modifies them for battle. Albegas, a super robot, is born. 

The three individual robots form by stacking on top of one another to form a super robot called Albegas. There are six stackable formations. Each one serves a special function. Individually, the name of the robots are derived from the first 3 letters of the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma). Albegas' weapon of choice is the Sanbai Plasma Sword, with which he defeats enemy Derinja robots (called "Mecha-Fighters") by splitting them in half. Each robot also uses an individual sword.

John Olson put quite a bit of effort into this custom (based on the Mattel Daimos). The figure has a custom-sculpted head, black covers for the shoulders, custom fists (neither shoot), both a custom molded chest piece and hip piece (they snap in and are hold by friction), Custom 3D printed feet (from Web Bourn) and molded Greek symbols and medallions attached to the thighs and shins. It's topped off by a custom printed waist sticker (from Will Hoyt). In all the figure is quite impressive.

Albegas Back

Albegas Head Detail

Albegas Foot Detail

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