Custom General Daimos

John Olson's Custom General Daimos Front

Another Custom Jumbo Machinder creation made by John Olson of Minot North Dakota. John is a long time fan of Japanese Culture Anime, Tokusatsu and of course the related toys including the Jumbo Machinder.

John's custom General Daimos started with a Mattel Daimos then had modifications to the thighs to add missile banks molded from the original Popy mold. The left arm has been modified so both arms can bend, then the Mattel Daimos head had its "ears" removed and replaced with larger "ears" also cast from the Popy (the original had a three piece head). Several other parts were added (the bridge across the chest, the chest insert which doubles as a sword handle grip, the molded shin spikes and the custom launching fists - note that for this figure instead of the open-grip right hand it's also a closed fist. Finish off with some reproduction swords and a set of stickers and you have a striking figure that's in many ways better than the original Popy, and for a fraction of the price.

John Olson's Custom General Daimos Back

An interesting phenomenon occurred in the price of that lowly Daimos - with a few mods you can end up with a General Daimos that looks and has features very close to the original Popy Deluxe JM release. Also, seems his body shape lends itself well to making the more robotic customs, for instance you can get a custom Bioman head and with a bit of paint and some custom stickers, convert Daimos into a brand new Bioman figure. Suddenly that dissed Daimos became a hot-ticket item and the price has made it one of the more expensive Shogun Warrior toys to acquire, loose or in the box. Every time one gets reworked it makes the basic figure more rare, so something of a double whammy on the toy's price.

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