Jigsaw Puzzles

HG Toys Inc. of Long Beach N.Y. released several Shogun Warrior 150 piece Jigsaw Puzzles. These puzzles came in 11 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" boxes, probably in 1977. The puzzles are actually slightly different than what's featured on the box (most of the legs are cropped and the banner across the top of the legs is narrower). The 10" x 14" puzzles are actual photos of Jumbo Machinders shot in front of a "portrait-esque" background (smoke, etc.).

HG No. 455-05 Raydeen
This is the earliest US release with a hollow, Vacu-form delta-wing. Pretty lights in the background!

HG No. 455-06 Dragun
Notice that this is an early version of Dragun with Spinning saw blades on the wrists and a Spiked ball on the axe.

HG No. 455-04 Great Mazinger
Notice that this is an early version of Mazinga with extra missile holders on the legs and a separate vinyl "v" on the chest.

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