Mattel 3-Inch Collectors Figures

Initial 6 "Skinny" Mattel boxes

1st Release

The initial release of the Shogun Warrior Collector figure series featured six Shogun Warriors in skinny boxes that were slightly wider than the figures, which stand 3.5-4 inches tall (the figures were on a small white cardboard insert with a blue twist-tie holding it in place in the window box. The back of the box has images of all 6 figures): Combatra, Dragun, Gaiking, Grandizer, Great Mazinga and Poseidon. The packaging had a tall flap with figure branding and a hang-hole - the smaller packaging may have been a ploy to fill gaps on shelves between larger carded figures. 

2nd Release

There appears to have been a modification to the first series release where the skinny boxes were added to a backer card - it's a somewhat cumbersome modification as the header was clipped from the smaller box then slotted through the wider backer card with tape or a staple. I'm wondering if this variation was the result of shoplifters taking advantage of the small original packaging size? Or it may have been that as the peg gets emptied it's difficult to see the remaining figures. From what I've seen this variation seems somewhat scarce. Some collectors consider this a second release so I'll call it that.
Skinny Mattel Boxes on Backer Cards

3rd Release

The third release was to get the original 6 figures and put them into wider packaging. This ends up being the packaging for the figures going forward, with this 3rd release retaining the original 6 on the back like the skinnier initial packaging.
Comparison of Mattel Wider Boxes to "Skinny" Boxes

4th Release

The final release added Dangard, Leopaldon, Voltes V and 17 (Daitetsujin 17 in Japan), and re-released the initial six in the new, wider window box style. The back of the box shows all 10 collector figures as opposed to the original 6.
Comparison of 3rd Release Wider Box to Updated Wider Box

Bandai GoDaiKins

Many of these figures were later released as Mini-Godaikins (there is virtually no difference in the actual figures (GoDaiKins have "Taiwan" in stead of "Japan" embossed on them an also are covered with additional, somewhat goofy metallic decals) and due to this confusion, prices on loose figures vary quite a bit - in general the Taiwan-made GoDaiKins are considered inferior to the Shogun Warriors version). 
Bandai Mini GoDaiKin Daitetsujin 17

Figure Descriptions


Asst 2518, #2512 Combattra

The 3 1/5" tall combattra has a colorfully painted (in red and blue) metal torso with plastic head, legs and arms and is typical of the rest of them. Combattra is often confused with Voltez V because of the "V" on his forehead but his large bowl-shaped ears and antennae (which are usually missing on loose examples) are prominent identifiers.

Asst 2518, #2513 Poseidon

Measuring at slightly 3", Poseidon has a yellow, red and blue painted torso with plastic appendages. He may be identified by his treaded forelegs and red shoulder-mounted cannons.

Asst 2518, #2514 Gaiking

Gaiking is my personal favorite of the 3" collectors Shoguns. His heavy gold-painted die-cast torso is wonderfully shaped into a skull. This red plastic legs, black arms and large yellow horns all jut out in odd angles from this nearly 4" figure.

Asst 2518, #2515 Dragun

This nearly 4" tall figure has red plastic limbs and head attached to a red and blue painted body.

Asst 2518, #2516 Great Mazinga

Mazinga may be identified by his black torso with blue plastic lims. His skull shaped head has several horns projecting from it. A large red plastic "v" projects from his chest.

Asst 2518, #2517 Grandizer

This 3 1/5" tall Shogun has a black and red painted torso with black plastic limbs. His predominent feature is the double yellow horns on either side of the head.
[voltez v]

Asst 2518, #2994 Voltez V

At slightly over 3", Voltez V is one of the smallest Collectors Shoguns. He has red plastic arms and black plastic legs, attached to a black and red painted body. His red plastic head looks like a plane or spaceship. He does not have a "V" anywhere on his body.

Asst 2518, #2995 Dangard

Dangard may be identified by the red arrow shapes on his body. His chest and legs have upward pointing red arrows, and his head has wings for ears with a forward facing plane canopy for a forehead. His metal torso is painted black, red and blue.

Asst 2518, #2996 Leopaldon

Leopaldon is the Spiderman robot in Japan, and the toy reflects this with the spiderweb motif on his chest and legs. The metal torso is painted gold and black, while his arms are made of blue plastic and his legs are black plastic.

Asst 2518, #2997 "17"

One of the more difficult to find in the Collectors Shoguns, "17" is less thatn 3 1/5" tall, has a red, white and blue painted metal torso, and has a winged conical head (sort of like a plane or spaceship). His arms are molded of red plastic while his legs are black plastic. He has the number "17" embossed on his chest in red.

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