Yutaka Gettar Go

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go 


I don't know too much about the company Yutaka, except that it started as Shinsei Manufacturing  until 1990 when it became Yutaka as a Bandai subsidiary, which later was turned into Popy, reviving the classic name. I believe Yutaka's only real claim to fame was in marketing Getter Robo Go, a successor to Getta Robo and Getta Robo G. The cool thing is that for some reason someone thought that a new jumbo machinder version of the toy needed to be made, which brings us to the the release of this awesome toy released in 1991!

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go Back

Gettar Robo Go comes in a huge box with plenty of action going on. On the back is a set of wings with giant fans - each fires a red hollow missile. Both fists fire and can hold one of the accompanying weapons, a big sword and axe. You also get an extra drill fix that can be fired from either wrist and conveniently stored in the backpack. Oh, and did I mention that each fist fires?

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go Box Front

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go Box Side 1

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go Box Side 2

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go Box Contents

Yutaka Gettar Robo Go Box End

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