Jumbo Machinder Accessories


Jumbo Machinder Accessories

Many Shogun Warrior Collectors are unaware that the missile-firing hands of the jumbo-sized Mazinga, Great Mazinga and Goldorak were actually an accessory bought separately in Japan. I think it was easier to package the missile-firing hand than recast Mazinga without the missile holders on his shoulders and legs, or try to package missiles separately with the hand-accessory. Or it may be that while the figures are impressive, in market testing there just wasn't enough action to the Shogun Warriors so they decided to supply some extra functioning bits. The shooting Axe-fist  (Iron Cutter) of Raydeen was also sold as a separate accessory in Japan, but was thought of as an "added play value" feature for US consumers instead of the bow-fist.The star shooter was also a separately purchased accessory in Japan that came with a strap (as did the Mattel first issue Dragon) instead of the clip-into-slot of the later issue Dragun.

There were several different hands and accessories available for the Japanese market. They appear to originally be made for the jumbos Mazinger Z (XX-Series released with the post-Mazinger Z wave of No. 2850 figures) and Great Mazinger (ZZ-series), but were probably promoted for all/any jumbo machinders (notably the XX series was marketed with the release of Kamen Rider V3). The ZZ designation may be for "deluxe" versions (there really doesn't appear to be a distinction other than the XX having been released the previous year - both sets of XX and ZZ were still available on Japanese toy shelves when the ZZ fists were shown in toy commercials, but seem to be related to the release of Great Mazinger along with a stamp promotion that would allow kids to get the Great Mazinger base, sort of a carrying case to hold the figure with hooks to hold the accessories). Some of the fists take batteries or otherwise have some added play-value. Most of those pictured and described here were all made by Popy and are in my possession. I've also included those made by Unifive - it's unclear if accessories were made by other manufacturers (seems there's one made by Nakajima but I don't possess it).  I'll try to describe them the best that I can, but my knowledge is limited. Some of the information, corrections and all of the translations were provided by Matt Alt. Thanks Matt! Any new information is welcome...

The reason "photon" keeps coming up in the names is because Mazinger Z was built and maintained by the Photon Energy Research Institute (or something like that). Each of those weapons was designed to destroy a specific enemy -- that was the way the show worked, if you haven't seen it. Mazinger Z would encounter an enemy, get his ass kicked, and then the Photon Institute guys would come up with some new super-weapon to enable Mazinger Z (and later Great Mazinger) to destroy the bad guy. That was the general formula, anyway. (Info from Matt Alt... Thanks, Matt!)

Note that the accessories I own link to a page with additional photos in the Accessory Title; There are some variations to packaging - the first few Popy accessories could also be found on blister cards instead of in boxes.

Popy Accessories

XX-1 Rocket Punch

These are pretty basic shooting fists on red launchers

XX-2 Photon Flamethrower

Basically a light want that sparks different colors, depending on which colored tip is placed at the end

XX-3 Rapid-Firing 6-Shot Missile

Pair of 3-Missile Shooters

Popy No. 150 XX-3 Ammunition

Replacement Red with white/vane rockets

XX-4 Lightspeed Disks of Destruction

This arm had a pivoting elbow to ease the aim of these cool satellite flying discs. Way cool!

XX-5 Mysterious Magnetic Arm

This arm has a telescoping magnet that allows a Jumbo Machinder to pick up metal  items at his feet. Comes with a cool Tonka made metal jeep

XX-6 Megaton Crane

Basically a crane with retractable chain and hook, its probably most useful to bash your enemies

Popy No. 1000 XX-7 Dynamite Charger

A car garage on an arm...why? Who knows? Comes with a small plastic race car

XX-8 Sled-Streamer

This arm fires small plastic balls.

XX-9 High Voltage Beam

This light-up laser toy makes pulsing sounds as it fires.

XX-10 Liquid Shooter

The tank would attach to the Jumbo's back and be filled with water, which would squirt from the small nozzle that fits into the hole of a Jumbo's hand. Fire extinguisher? Acid Squirter? I'm not sure of its make-believe function


Popy XX Jumbo Machinder Secret Case

If you collected all 10 stamps you could submit them on a scorecard and purchase this case that would hold all 10. Note this case is frequently missing pieces so it's fairly rare to find one with all accessories

XX-11 Heavy Tank Z

Why yes, every jumbo needs a vehicle to cart him around, right?

XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer

Not really sure about the purpose of this accessory, but seems to be a use-timer worn by a kid, for the various accessories before they should be replaced by another.

XX-13 Pair of Iron Cutters

Once again, these are pretty basic shooting fists with Iron Cutters (axes) added

XX-14 Jet Scrander

Mazinger Z's Backpack for when he needs that extra power to get him someplace fast

XX-15 Drill Missile Fists

In the manga and anime, the Mazingers could break open their arms at the elbows to expose a deadly pulse ray. These arms provide the effect

The "ZZ" sets came with a paper score-card with each of the accessories represented on it much like the "XX" accessories. Also, each accessory came with a self adhesive sticker that could be applied to the score card. When all 8 accessories were bought and their stickers applied to the card, the card could be used as a coupon to buy a deluxe "Jumbo Machinder" vinyl case. The case has two doors so the jumbo could safely be stored inside. Along each side were plastic clips that could each hold an accessory fist.

Popy No. 7551 ZZ-1 Rocket Punch Fist & Iron Cutter Fist

This set included a  Flying Fist (notice the "fin" to aid in flight!) and an Iron Cutter, both on yellow or red launchers. It came as a pair but you could find an extra set for the opposite configuration (image above)

Popy No. 7552 ZZ-2 Ultra-Rapid-Firing Missile Launcher & Drill Missile Fist

Same as the XX-15, but for some reason has new stickers with the "ZZ" release. Much more common than the XX-15 set.

Popy No. 7553 ZZ-3 Mach 100 Claws of Steel & Southern Cross (a.k.a. "Star Shooter")

This Missile-Firing Fist is over-sized and could shoot 5 "claw" missiles, also the first appearance of the Star Shooter

Popy No. 7554 ZZ-4 New Alloy Bowgun

The Crossbow attachment would shoot projectile "v"s and swords. The sword (blue instead of red) is an extra that would fit any Jumbo's hand and the boomerang is an extra chest "v" that could be held in the fist, or fired.

Popy No. 7555 ZZ-5 Mysterious Evil Bullet Launcher

Cannon accessory that shoots 3 inch balls...

Popy No. 7556 ZZ-6 Super Three-Shot Attack Missile Launcher

This huge missile-firing hand shoots 3 large polyethylene missiles. It's supposed to be a "Super shooter."

Popy No. 7557 ZZ-7 Two-Stage Rocket Punch

This deluxe flying fist shoots twice, once from the wrist and again from the arm.

Popy No. 7558 ZZ-8Invincible Jumbo Castle

Apparently, one could mount a bunch of fists to this fort to fight off attackers or use it to simply store extra accessory fists.

Popy No. 7559 Scramble Dash

The "jet-pack" accessory for Great Mazinger - it could also fit on some other jumbo machinders.

 Mattel Accessories


Mattel Star Shooter (Dragun Accessory) with comparisons to Popy Southern Cross


Unifive Accessories

    U5-A Rocket Punch
    U5-B Photon Flamethrower
    U5-D Lightspeed Discs of Destruction
    U5-E Mysterious Magnetic Arm
    U5-F Megaton Crane
    U5-Z Jet Scrander
    Scramble Dash (came with Unifive Great Mazinger). There's also a knock-off.

I believe only U5-A, U5-C and U5-Z were actually produced?

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