Bandai Jumbo Thundersaurus Megazord

Bandai Jumbo Thundersaurus Megazord Box Front
As part of the Power Rangers Ninga Storm series, Bandai released two new jumbo machinder figures in 2004 continuing the tradition from 2003. They seemed to have been slowed down a bit for the next few Power Rangers Sentai series but may have skipped (I'm not sure since I don't watch the series). The other figure is the Jumbo Dino Stegazord which I missed - I'm currently looking for an example for my collection.

Bandai Jumbo Thundersaurus Megazord Box Back

These figures don't have much articulation, mostly the shoulders allow the arms to raise - this one in particular looks rather unspectacular compared to the others. They do look good on the shelf mixed in with other JMs.

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