Funko - Super 7 Shadowtrooper

Shadowtrooper Box Front

Super Shogun #2 Shadowtrooper

The Super Shogun Shadowtrooper was the second of the new Super Shogun toys to be released by Super7. This is a recast of the first Stormtrooper toy only done up in black - great idea as this cuts down costs by reusing the same blow-molds. This is a really beautiful and well made toy figure with great attention to detail. It's also a bit of a mashup between Star Wars and the Shogun Warriors toys from the 70's. The figure has limited articulation: head turns and arms raise and lower. However, taking design cues from the Shogun Warriors, the left fist shoots off like some Shogun Warrior toys! The right fist can hold an accessory gun but just like a real Stormtooper, you won't be hitting anything with it as it doesn't fire. There are also rollers under the feet to make it feel right at home with your other Shoguns! I like the black color quite a bit as it still relates to Star Wars - you see other black-clad troopers (mostly as pilots) in the original series.

Shadowtrooper Box Contents

The box has great graphics and iconography with a #2 in the series almost hidden to the right of a silver-foil Star Wars logo. There's also Japanese equivalent writing to really make this feel like a Popy box. I've heard that 500 were made and you can still find some remaining stock in the secondary market for a reasonable cost.

From the side of the box:
  • Rocket Punch!
  • Blaster with movable stock!
  • Head turns!
  • Arms raise and lower!
  • Leg rollers!
  • No batteries!
  • No electricity!
 Sounds familiar, no?

Shadowtrooper Shipping Carton Front

Shadowtrooper Shipping Carton Side

Shadowtrooper Instructions

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