Mandarake Gelbros J3

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Figure Front

Mandarake Gelbros J3

This new offering from the Japanese retail chain Mandarake is an homage to the Popy Mazinger Z villains, much like the Unifive Garada K7 and representing one of the shorter, vinyl villain figures produced in the 70's. It's my understanding Gelbros J3  was released as a festival figure in early July 2016. The box is a remarkable homage to the first series Popy villain boxes with a No. 0001 indicating that it may be the first in a series - we can only wish!

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Box Front

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Box Sides

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Box End

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Box Other End

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Box Contents

The figure is about 20 inches tall - the sculpt is a bit more toy-like with a wider body to accommodate the three necks - the heads appear a bit bulbous and oversized to me. Finally, for some reason it has a glossier appearance so it looks a bit awkward, even when stood against the Unifive Garada. I'm thinking of purchasing a second so I can hit it with matte clear to knock down the shininess so it will display better next to my jumbos - I haven't decided yet as I'm waiting for the collector prices to come down (at retail with conversion and shipping to the US we're talking about $450).

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Figure Front

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Figure Back

Mandarake Gelbros J3 Figure Comparison

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