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Shogun Masters™ Skeletor®

In 2021 Mattel Creations decided to get into the jumbo machinder market with an homage Shogun Masters™ Skeletor® figure from the very popular Masters of the Universe toyline. There's also some talk of a He-Man figure as a followup but as of 2021.07.06 one hasn't been announced.

From the Mattel Creations site:

Introducing the Shogun Masters™ Skeletor® figure! Yep, that’s right. We resurrected the nearly two-foot-tall chassis from our favorite giant fighting mechs and combined it with the most evil-yet-beloved villain in all of Eternia®. Let’s see what that goody goody man bag of muscles, He-man®, has to say about it.

  • The super-sized figure stands nearly 2 feet / 61 cm tall and is instantly recognizable!
  • Skeletor® figure is ready battle with missile-powered weapons that include one of his massive fists and his iconic Havoc Staff!
  • The robot warrior carries 8 missiles that can be used as ammunition or snapped onto his boots and body armor.
  • With large-scale design, feet that role and missile-powered action, Shogun Master Skeletor® makes a great gift for fans and collectors of Masters of the Universe® and Japanese anime and manga.


Limited Quantities

Item available to ship June 1, 2021 - September 1, 2021


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