Takatoku Big Dai X

Takatoku Big Dai X Front

The Takatoku Big Dai X is what you might think of as a mini-machinder, coming in at about 16" tall. I've heard it referenced from the box as Dekander Robo by those unfamiliar with the "X-Bomber" TV show (known as "Star Fleet" in the UK dub), which was created by Go Nagai using Gerry Anderson style puppets along the lines of Thunderbirds. In the show there are three flying vehicles, the head, the torso and the legs, each piloted by a different character (including one African-American appearing dude named Hercules). The legs would also double as a battle tank - all three vehicles could perform tasks separately (interestingly, each was just called "brain-con" - "main-body" and "leg-track" so there was little distinction between them and the combined Big Dai X - makes you wonder whey they just didn't start out with a flying robot and be done with it, but then again this IS made-for-kids TV).

I was hesitant to include this in my collection as in general I don't collect the smaller machinders - I changed my mind on receiving a minty Kyodain Skyzel, and this machinder just fits into the same Super Machinder category. Also, I frankly didn't like the details in this robot when compared to the TV show but it's been pointed out to me that there's a lot of detail sculpted into the figure, instead of relying too much on stickers. Both fists fly off when you push in the wrist guns (they act as button triggers), also Big Dai X has the same 5 missile banks on the legs as Daikengo, only molded in a different color. 

Takatoku Big Dai X Box Front

Takatoku Big Dai X Box Side 1

Takatoku Big Dai X Box Side 2

Takatoku Big Dai X Box Ends

Takatoku Big Dai X Box  with Contents

Takatoku Big Dai X Box Contents
The "X" on Big Dai X's face could come in silver (chrome plated?) or the yellow in my example. I'm not sure which was first and I don't think it matters too much with collectors. He also comes with the same sword as Daikengo only with an "x" shaped guard instead of the typical donut shaped guard. As you can see my example is minty and basically unplayed with, in the original box with inserts and unused sticker sheet (the guy I got it from said that it had come with two sheets so he applied one and saved the other - win for me!). As with Daikengo the missiles could be any of mix of alternating colors and they are different from Popy so they aren't interchangeable.

Takatoku Big Dai X Torso Detail

Takatoku Big Dai X Fist Detail

Takatoku Big Dai X Back

Takatoku Big Dai X Front with Sword

Takatoku Big Dai X Missile Bank

Takatoku Big Dai X Missile Bank Side

Takatoku Big Dai X Detail
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