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Mattel featured the Shogun Warriors in several catalogs - I've photographed the catalogs I own and have made them available on the following pages:

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1977

Mattel seems to have debuted the Shogun Warriors in this 1977 catalog with the introduction of Raydeen, Mazinga and Dragun as Jumbo Machinders. No mention yet of the chogokin (diecast figures) or popynica (diecast vehicles).

Mattel Retailer Catalog Insert 1977

Happy to finally get a copy of this insert that was frequently added to the Mattel Retailer Catalog 1977 - this is a single page that describes the four new Die-Cast Shogun Warriors. I believe this can also be found as a loose sheet so I've put it on a separate page.

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1978

For 1978 Mattel adds Godzilla and Gaiking to the Jumbo line - also the four action figures: Raider, Dragun, Poseidon and Great Mazinger. And we finally start seeing some vehicles with the inclusion of Varitank, Verilift and Grendizer's Solar Saucer.

Mattel Dimension 1978

This is a Mattel Dimension catalog from 1978 - these were sent to various advertisers so they can have clear images to use in print ads - think of these as being used for stats to include in newspapers and the like.

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1979

In 1979 Mattel expands on the Shogun Warriors line in just about every area, adding Daimos to the jumbo machinder lineup. This year also adds the Two-in-Ones.

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1980

For 1980 Mattel markets Godzilla and Rodan as "World's Greatest Monsters," limits the Jumbo line to Daimos, Great Mazinga, Raydeen and Gaiking, and introduces Warrior Vehicles - unfortunately the line ended before the latter were produced.

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