On the side I had many links - unfortunately many have gone dead (some were from the 90's!). However some resources are still around (CollectionDX, for instance) and there are new resources as the next generation Shogun Warrior collector has come around.

Jumbo Machinder Resources


Shogun Warriors Jumbo Machinder Collectors Facebook group - this group seems to be one of the oldest still running on facebook with a fairly active community. Lots of photos, Discussion and some trading or selling.

Shogun Warriors Collectors Unite Facebook Group - this group is more of a mix of both Shogun Warriors Jumbos and chogokin and other toylines (Transformers in general and other Japanese anime-based toys).

Jumbo Machinder Robot Facebook Group - This Jumbo Machinder specific site seems to garner more European and Asian group discussion. A lot of interesting variations show up here.

ジャンボマシンダー  大膠收藏魂~~ Japanese Jumbo Machinder Facebook Group - you can use the Translate link to get an approximate of what's going on in this Japanese language Facebook page. Some neat photos.

Jumbomania - ジャンボマシンダー Facebook Group - I believe this is an Italian community page but there are posters from France and elsewhere with some interesting photos.

Robot-Japan Boards - this still-running forum is separated into different areas based on collecting interests. It's still fairly active and has a dedicated Jumbo Machinder forum as well as several other forums that will be of interest

CollectionDX is one of the longest continually running sites, featuring Jumbo Machinders, Chogokin, Transformers, Micronauts - you get the drift. The forum is still fairly active and monthly toy-related articles are still being published. Make sure you add yourself to the email list.

Jumbo Machinder Restoration and Customs

Bourno's Jumbo Works Facebook Page - custom parts maker Wesley Bourno is the real deal when it comes to accurate reproduction and new Jumbo parts and figures. Check out the Grendizer Spazer and the Dangard Ace custom.

Shogun Plastics - Shogun Warriors Replacement Parts Facebook Page - awesome source for reproduction parts including missiles, fists, pilders and the like.

Shogun Redone Facebook Page - Fine scale decal reproduction - these are above average custom decals that match the style and finish of originals.

Free Time Toys Mike de Coninck's excellent blog on custom 3D printed Jumbo Machinder toys

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