Shogun Warriors Colorforms

Shogun Warriors Colorform Adventure Set #627


Produced by Colorforms, this playset features flat vinyl pieces of Dragun, Raydeen and Mazinga with an assortment of weapons, that can be positioned on a city background. The box is approximately 12.5 in tall by 8 in wide and an inch thick. The box is printed on all sides except the back with the same graphic repeated from side-to-side and top-to-bottom.

Shogun Warriors Colorforms Box Sides

Shogun Warriors Colorforms Box Top/Bottom

Box Bottom
There are copyright notices on the front along each side-edge.

On the inside, Great Mazinga is printed black and red on blue vinyl while Raydeen is black and red on green vinyl. Dragun is printed blue and black on red vinly while the weapons are printed blue and black on yellow vinyl.

 There are 32 playing pieces in all plus a "copyright" piece.

The background is of a futuristic city being attacked by a spaceship - you can arrange the Shoguns around to create your own battle sequence or scene.

The box reads: "Invincible guardians of world freedom! Dragun™, Great Mazinga™, Raydeen™, take shape with Colorforms plastic pieces that stick like magic. No scissors. No paste. Never a muss."

I've owned two of these sets - one had the generic Colorforms instruction booklet while the second had this special Shogun Warriors booklet - note the Mattel copyright along one edge.

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