Bootleg Giant Robo


Giant Robo Bootleg Box Contents

Giant Robo Bootleg

I've had this for a few years - it's an almost exact copy of the Marmit Giant Robo (which I've only seen bagged with a header card). This bootleg version I have is missing the Marmit info set into the bottom of one foot.

Giant Robo Bootleg Figure Front

Giant Robo Bootleg Figure Left

Giant Robo Bootleg Figure Back

Giant Robo Bootleg Figure Right

Giant Robo Bootleg Figure Torso

Giant Robo Bootleg Figure Detail

The sculpt of this figure is remarkable regardless of it being a bootleg and it looks awesome on a shelf, if slightly short compared to other JMs (it's about 22 inches tall). It does bend forward - I think the Marmits probably do also and I suspect that the vinyl of the original had already destabilized when the copy foot was cast. That would explain the aggressive lean which seems to be common with everyone I've seen.

Giant Robo Bootleg Box by John K Vang

The box I have was made by JM collector John K Vang - quite a good designer - the box graphics are top notch and looks awesome against my other boxes.

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