Mattel #2624 U-Combine Battle Craft

U-Combine Battle Craft Box Front
For info on Combatra's origin as Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V, see this page dedicated to this great combiner robo!

The U-Combine Battle Craft was part of the Shogun Combatra Vehicle set of 5 vehicles - Battle Craft was No. 5 and made up the feet of the Combatra when assembled with the other five vehicles to form the completed giant robot.

U-Combine Battle Craft Box Back

U-Combine Battle Craft Box Side 1

U-Combine Battle Craft Box Side 2

U-Combine Battle Craft Box Ends

As with the other vehicles that make up Combatra, the Battle Craft came in a small chip-box with a styrofoam insert and two accessory engine pods molded in yellow plastic. There's a missile port in the front of each foot that fires a chrome drill-type missile.

U-Combine Battle Craft Box Contents

U-Combine Battle Craft Vehicle

"Com-Battler" is printed in white on the blue background of the inside of each foot and "Battle-Kulaft" on small doors on the outside of the foot.

When assembled you have a wheeled vehicle with giant engines mounted on the top and forward facing yellow cockpits for the drivers. Fun times!

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