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Bio Commodore Box Lid

Bandai issued the Bioman Bio Commodore sometime in 1984 - it features the head and upper torso of Bioman used as the front of a faux video game. The head and body are of the same scale as a typical jumbo machinder, thus this game is also frequently collected by collectors of the same. The back of Bio Commodore has control handles and a small seat for a figure representing a pilot for the robot. As the screen updates (it scrolls) it appears as the robots control screen advancing the action, when appropriate the pilot (young man based on the box photos) can fire missiles (the device is similar to the firing mechanism found in the shoulders of Voltes V, firing the same red with white fin missiles) or using the control handles and firing buttons, make sounds an lights approximating a handheld video game.

The mostly Japanese-language box includes:

  • Bio Commodore Torso/Control Console
  • Bioman Head
  • 2 Popy-style rockets (red with clipped white fins)
  • Rocker firing pod
  • Red plastic driver
  • Assembly sheet with sticker placement
  • Sticker Sheet (stapled to the assembly sheet).
Bio Commodore Box Front

Bio Commodore Box Back

Bio Commodore Box Ends

Bio Commodore Box Contents

Bio Commodore Accessory Bag

Bio Commodore Controls

Bio CommodoreTorso

Bio Commodore Seat View

Bio Commodore Accessory Bag 2

Bio Commodore Assembly Sheet

Bio Commodore Sticker Sheet

As I've mentioned elsewhere, the Bioman head is of the same scale as a typical Popy Jumbo Machinder - I believe this toy was created from leftover molds that were repurposed into the console from an intended jumbo figure. In any case, the head has been used with a customized Daimos to create a custom Bioman.

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