Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender

 Toynami Shogun Warrior Futurama Jumbo Bender

In 2012 Toynami released something really interesting - having acquired the license to product Futurama, they created the Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender. This mix plastic figure comes in a ginormous box which quickly sold out at retail. Currently (2016) if you can find one for less than $400 your doing well as it rarely comes up at auction. I think the cross-over appeal really hit home on this grand figure. He comes with limited articulartion and firing hands! The chest door also opens - I think they should have provided a sticker sheet for the space underneath as it's just a blank area molded flat under the door. Even better, if they'd provided additional mouth stickers and a beer bottle like they did with some of the other figures this would have been perfect.

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Head Detail

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Hand Detail

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Firing Hand

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Chest Detail

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Figure Back

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Copyright Detail

Toynami Futurama Jumbo Bender Under the Feet

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As already stated, the box is huge - much larger than any of the other Jumbos Toynami did like the Shogun Warriors Godzilla or GoLion. They went with a styrofoam insert with the figure wrapped in plastic. This also came with a printed shipping box like their other Shogun Warrior Jumbos.

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