Shima x Dragon Boy x Bear Model

Dragon Boy x Bear Model

Dragon Boy Rokuron Q9 Box Front
Shima x Dragon Boy (x Bear Model) is a relative newcomer to the Jumbo Machinder market - I'm not exactly sure what their story is but someone told me that they thought the toys were being produced by the same company producing JMs for Mandarake. Bear Model has a website and possibly a Japanese retail location? In any case, I dig the retro boxes but the size is more in the 20" range so larger than the original  Popy, more in line with the U5 Garada K5.

Very limited quantities with plenty of variations - as usual if I have anything incomplete below, please let me know (I'm not confident in the quantity limitations):
  • Doublas M2
    • Green-plastic unpainted "Prototype" 
    • Painted (purple, blue, silver)
    • Painted (metallic green)
    • Painted (purple, green, silver)
    • Painted (purple, silver)
    • Painted (blue, silver)
    • Black (Bear Model & Toyful Collaboration - black with silver and gold accents) x/20
  • Rokuron Q9
  • Mechasaurus Doba (from Getta Robo)
  • Garada K7
    • White with black sickles "Prototype"
    • Cream with white sickles "Prototype"
    • Green-plastic unpainted "Prototype"
    • 70s Color Ver cream-plastic Painted (unpainted hands) x/70
    • Limited Painted (silver hands x/10)
    • 2021 GID Glow ver x/80
    • 2022 Gray (Black & White) 
  • Green Ghost C3
    • Solid color "Prototype" x/20
    • Popy color x/80

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