Unifive Garada K7 Standard

Unifive Garada K7 Standard

For Unifive's fifth jumbo machinder release they decided to do something a bit different. Instead of going for another classic figure they went for a little-known Kikaiju (villain) and designed the Garada K7 from a small image, using the color-scheme on the second release Kikaiju box. The figure itself appears to be fairly well proportioned compared to the other Kikaiju, but in a move that was controversial, Unifive decided to scale the figure up a couple of inches. Around the same time a blurry color photograph was discovered with a different color scheme and thus the green-headed variant was born.

Unifive Garada K7 Standard Box Contents

Unifive Garada K7 Standard Rear

Unifive Garada K7 Standard Copyright

Unifive Garada K7 Standard Box Front

Unifive Garada K7 Standard Box Sides

Unifive Garada K7 Standard Box Back

Note that the box above does not appear to be the same box - normally the "Previews" sticker in the lower right only appears on the Diamond Comic Distributors Previews edition (green head) - for some reason mine has it though (I ordered this from a collector in Japan so the figure is correct - I can only assume he accidentally swapped the boxes. The Japan-issue box has a small rectangular sticker where the Previews stickers on my resides). Otherwise I believe all the Unifive Garada boxes are the same (except for the stickers - there's an edition sticker added to the Black/Silver version).

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