Bullmark Mekanda Robo

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Front

Bullmark released the Mekanda Robo Jumbo Machinder in 1977, apparently to capitalize on the Jumbo Machinder craze started by Popy a few years earlier, or it may have been part of the licensing agreement with Tokyu. At the time Bullmark was better known for their vinyl and PVC toys and a few diecast releases so quite unusual to see something like this from a relatively small company (when compared to Bandai/Popy). Bullmark also went into Bankruptcy in 1977 so this was right at the end of the original company's life.

The series was known as Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo in Japan but has various other names - the only English dub I believe was for broadcast in the Philippines - I haven't seen much dubbed that's survived in decent contion and there's only a single season (really more like a 3/4-season with 35 episodes). In 1982 the Italian release was very popular so I see some trading of Mekander toys in Europe and especially Italy - in the US he appeared through various Japanese store outlets (my diecast came from a local Atlanta store - go figure - and is labled Zincron with English language). But I digress - the anime has a rather ubiquitous plot of alien threat vs vehicles-that-combine (command planes Mekanda-1, 2 and 3) to form the giant Mekanda Robo.

The relative obscurity of the show combined with the small production numbers of the Jumbo to make this figure highly sought - it's also quite pricey, but it's got a lot going for it.

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Side 1
Bullmark Mekanda Robo Back

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Side 2
The figure is about 25 inches tall so it's quite impressive when compared to Popy jumbos - also, the color scheme is unusual, combining red, orange, light and dark blue with yellow and polished silver stickers - this thing is just beautiful on the shelf. It also has some pretty fantastic and unique jumbo features - the shields on both wrists have a ratcheting mechanism that drives them to spin - as they spin "blades" extend from the shields - quite cool, but that's not all. There's a multi-fire rocket launcher in the chest that fires four rockets in sequence as you turn a knob on the back - as far as I know both the shield feature and the multi-fire chest are unique to this toy, very unlike the reused features in the Bandai/Popy jumbos.

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Shield Detail
Bullmark Mekanda Robo Spinning Lever
Bullmark Mekanda Robo Rocket Launcher Knob

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Bullmark Logo

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Knee Detail

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Ankle Wings

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Rocket Launcher Detail

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Chest Detail
Let's not talk about how much I had to pay for this guy - he's a little beat up - there are some cracks in wrists and at least one knee hoop has been glued - the thighs are also a bit discolored. There are some repro bits and all the stickers are replacements but I'd rather have one than not. At least the wheels are intact and the missile launcher and spinning shields are functional.

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