Super 7 Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Box Front

Super Shogun Optimus Prime

Super 7 first teased us with a Super Shogun version of Optimus Prime during the San Diego Comic Con back in 2012, finally revealing the figure in 2020 at the same convention. Later that year they started taking Pre-Orders - and of course I jumped right in. With delays due to the Pandemic the figure wasn't in my hands until April 2022 - talk about a wait!

Optimus Prime Shipping Box

As with the previously produced Star Wars Super Shoguns, Optimus comes in an extra graphically-printed box for extra protection. The figure's box features 5-sided graphics of the figure with a list of features.

Optimus Prime Box Side 1

Optimus Prime Box Side 2

Limited Edition SUPER SHOGUN

24" Transformers (tm) Optimus Prime (tm) Super Shogun (tm)

  • Rocket punch!
  • Ion Blaster!
  • Leg rollers!
  • Head turns!
  • Arms rotate!
  • Chest Panel Opens to reveal Matrix of Leadership!
  • No Batteries
  • No Electricity


  • OPTIMUS PRIME Super Shogun 24" tall (61 cm)
  • Rocket-Punch firing fist
  • Ion Blaster
  • Matrix of Leadershp
  • Sticker Sheet
Comes fully assembled
Optimus Prime Box Contents

Optimus Prime Detail

Optimus Prime Chest Detail
I think the sculpt on the figure is quite good and fits well into the Shogun Warrior style. I do wish that there was a bit more articulation - either the elbows should bend or even better, there should be rocket banks and some device for firing them (maybe inside that Matrix of Leadershp). The doors on his chest don't really latch, then hold via tension. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad to have him - I just think that he could have been much more.

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