Mattel #2521 U-Combine Battle Clasher

U-Combine Battle Clasher Box Front

For info on Combatra's origin as Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V, see this page dedicated to this great combiner robo!
The U-Combine Battle Clasher was part of the Shogun Combatra Vehicle set of 5 vehicles - Battle Clasher was No. 2 and made up the Chest and Arms of the Combatra when assembled with the other five vehicles to form the completed giant robot.
U-Combine Battle Clasher Box Back
U-Combine Battle Clasher Side 1
U-Combine Battle Clasher Box 2
U-Combine Battle Clasher Box Emd 1
U-Combine Battle Clasher Box End 2
As with the other vehicles that make up Combatra, the Battle Clasher came in a small chip-box with a styrofoam insert and a tail section molded in red and white plastic piece that made up the wings that clipped into the back . No missile shooters, instead the Clasher relies on the fists and comes with three extras, a Drill fist in chrome, a giant blue claw and an open hand (shoots missiles from the fingers in the anime as memory serves - this version is just for show). There's also a metal landing gear contraption that fold out from the bottom to make it more of a vehicle.
U-Combine Battle Clasher Box Insert
U-Combine Battle Clasher Box Contents
U-Combine Battle Clasher Assembled with Fists
There's a number "2" printed on the nose of the plane right in front of the pilot's cockpit. On the flipside there's some embossing indicating the original Popy number. Note that the Shogun Warrior version (at least all that I own) have the cross-profile socket on the fists (the earlier Popy has a simpler flat-bladed profile and the fists aren't interchangeable.

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