Bandai Wildforce Jumbo Isis Megazord

Bandai Wildforce Jumbo Isis Megazord Box Front

Bandai reenters the jumbo machinder market in 2001 with a new, 24 inch tall pair of Power Ranger figures as part of the new Wildforce Sentai series. This was after a rather failed attempt at a previous JM as part of the Space series in 1997, the Astro Megazord, which was more of a robot-to-spaceship transformer - also quite the fragile toy and a bit shorter than traditional JMs. With the Wildforce pair (the other released was the Wildforce Jumbo Megazord - technically just "Jumbo Megazord") Bandai goes back to its roots in Popy-like JMs - unfortunately the toy has little articulation - this is the more impressive of the two with an amazing wingspan, if rather puny arms. I haven't seen the series but I'm assuming it flies a bit like a bird and uses it's claw-like appendages like some raptor?

Bandai Wildforce Jumbo Isis Megazord Box Back

It was hard for me to get very excited about these - frankly I thought they were pretty cheesy. However when they started appearing on shelves I gave in - at $26.77 (Walmart) they were about the cheapest jumbos you could find, at least boxed.

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