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LJN Voltron Conversion to Popy GoLion Front

This is one of those customs that just makes sense - if you take an LJN Voltron and make some modifications you end up with a passable custom GoLion. This example was made by John Olson of Minot North Dakota. John is a long time fan of Japanese Culture Anime, Tokusatsu and of course the related toys including the Jumbo Machinder.

LJN Voltron Conversion to Popy GoLion Back

LJN Voltron Conversion to Popy GoLion Copyright

To make this custom you need a good complete example of the LJN Voltron. Cuts have to be made in either forearm to add the rocket firing mechanism - those were reproduced using molds taken from my Popy GoLion - While the original Popy version has a non-spring loaded jaw, you can leave what's there from the LJN and it actually makes the custom a bit better as the spring tension allows the figure to hold his Blazing Sword (an accessory curiously missing from the Popy version). Next step is to add missile banks to either thigh (they screw in) with the appropriate red and green missiles (the setup can be found from Shogun Plastics on Facebook). Finally, a set of Popy GoLion stickers needs to be added that has the GoLion logo under the chest shield (may as well freshen up the entire set as the LJN Voltron usually has a bit of wear).

The easiest way to identify these conversions is from the LJN copyright and "Made in USA" on the butt. Also the spring-loaded jaw and lack of weighted feet. Note that the LJN red plastic tends to be very brittle with age so the ball-and-socket is frequently cracked - something to look for.

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