Ben Cooper Shogun Warriors Halloween Costume


 Ben Cooper Shogun Warriors Costume & Mask #735

The Shogun Warriors Costume and Mask was produced by Ben Cooper in 1977 and licensed from Mattel. The costume is of Mazinga, with "Shogun Warrior" instead of the katakana of Mazinger above the belt line. The mask is made of cheap vacu-form plastic in a metalized-silver with red, yellow and blue screen-printed over it. The costume is made of vinyl and synthetic cloth in several colors. Note the images of the box side and box end below. I once received an e-mail from a guy who had this costume as a child along with some role-playing items such as swords and the like.

Been Cooper Shogun Warriors Box Back

Been Cooper Shogun Warriors Box Side

Been Cooper Shogun Warriors Box End

Been Cooper Shogun Warriors Costume

Been Cooper Shogun Warriors Mask
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Rod1million said...

This is awesome! I thought the Ben Cooper costumes were
For littler kids ( I was 10-11 when Shoguns came out) but I would have worn this...

John Eaton said...

This costume is for little kids (it would be hard for my big ass to fit into it for sure). Check out the "adult" mask though - it's actually the same size as the mask in this boxed set - not sure why it's "adult" as it barely fits over my egg head...

artofmetalhand said...

I had this!